Dawn Fuchs Coleman, Founder

Creating a business like We Guide, You Grow, LLC, has been a long time dream for Founder, Dawn Fuchs Coleman, which came to fruition in 2018.


With a career spanning over many years, Dawn began her journey in 1984 at a Broker/Dealer house, specializing in Initial Public Offerings.  This is where Dawn found a passion for Entrepreneurship and soon  realized that it was time to come back to her roots. 


In 1988, she returned to her father’s company, Weavertown Transport Leasing, Inc (WTL), and was assigned to the Heating Oil Desk.  From there, she's able to quickly work her way up to becoming a member of the Sales team.  Through her work in sales, she's able to gain an inside perspective of how the business runs and what it needs to keep moving forward.  With hard work, innovation, and perseverance she not only gains a strong foundational knowledge of the business, but also emerges as a leader in the organization.


Promoted to President and CEO in the mid 2000's, she runs the business successfully until it's sold in 2015 to Univar (now Univar Solutions), a publicly traded company on the NYSE.  Univar Solutions controls the company until it's sold to EnviroServe in 2020.


Following the company's sale, Dawn remains invested in the community, by serving on various Profit and Non-Profit boards and by engaging in more Public Speaking Opportunities. 

Now at We Guide, You Grow, LLC, Dawn has transformed her knowledge and experience into a business that cares deeply about its clients.  Leadership, Coaching, Career Development, Career Placement, and Sales make up the cornerstones of the business.  We Guide, You Grow is a business dedicated to sharing experience, and a vast amount of learned business acumen, with other leaders to help their company flourish in any economy.

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Do you need to reenergize your Sales Teams, Leaders, or Employees?

We Guide, You Grow, LLC. is now available for Public Speaking events.  If interested in having us participate at your next event, please click on the below link to contact us.

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