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Dawn Fuchs Coleman, Founder

Dawn was a featured panelist at the 2020 Smart Business Family Business Conference!
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As we prepare to close out 2020 and move forward with our goals, we want to reflect on the success we had throughout the year at We Guide, You Grow, LLC.  
On March 12,2020 I officially launched my first book, "Get Your Game F.A.C.E. On."  We had a book launch/signing party at the Frank Sarris Public Library in my hometown of Canonsburg, PA.     A few days later the nation was challenged with shut downs due to the CoVid 19 Pandemic.  My beliefs have not changed even in a pandemic, businesses can pivot and redirect when necessary.  When they focus their efforts on what a consumer needs they will not only survive but THRIVE!  At We Guide, You Grow it has been a banner year in many ways.  We have managed to place many top performers for our clients.  Our positions range from C-Suite Executives, Human Resource Executives, Project Managers, IT Specialists, Recruiters, Directors of Maintenance, Commercial Cleaners and other positions as well.  Finding the perfect  candidate to fit your company's needs is something we take very seriously!  In addition we have started advisory groups,  provided sales training and conflict resolution for our clients along with business coaching and public speaking.
 We are looking forward to moving on to 2021!  Our goal is to continue to deliver great service in a timely manner all while finding solutions for your company's needs!  
It's never too early to start planning!  Contact us today!

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