"Dawn Fuchs is an amazing human being and business thought leader.  We engaged her to help grow revenue and develop talent in some of our business units, grooves had turned into ruts.  Dawn has a unique skill set to bring a team together to embrace a shared vision."

Brian W. Long


Seubert & Associates, INC.

"Having worked on various projects with Dawn Fuchs for over 25 years I have found her unique focus  on  innovation and being entrepreneurial has led to the incredible success of her own family business as well as many others she has assisted along the way. 

Ms. Fuchs enters the closely held business with a fresh set of eyes, being rooted in her deep experience. She ensures that the willing leadership team moves  toward dynamic new pathways of enhanced success- for themselves as they learn new approaches - and the business  as it seizes and builds upon market opportunities that have not been realized in the past."


Ann Dugan


Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence

University of Pittsburgh

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